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Academy of Sciences and Arts of The Republic of Srpska

One of the basic principles underlying the work of Academy is putting the universal values of science and art in the service of national revival and progress. The Academy operates in accordance with proven multi-criteria and values adopted in the global science and art. Its mission is to foster the delevopment of science and art, to preserve, nurture and promote the culture, spirit and creative potential of their people.It is active and representative institution of special imortance and should contribute to material development of The Republic of Srpska, its spiritual enrichment and democratic affirmation.
Project of reconstruction of the former building of the Faculty of Philosophy in the Academy building was started with an awareness of everything discucced above. The structure (in the terms of construction) is such (a large area and cubic volume of the rooms, classic setting of the main stairs, halls, etc.) to moderate its monumentality and classicism facilitates of  achieving the type of atmosphere in the facility that matches the activities of the Academy.