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Sustaining the Rehabilitation of Cultural heritage in the Western Balkans

Through the process of international tender process organized by the RCC TFCS-Montenegro by EU procedures for selecting the best bidder for the development of design documentation for the preparation of a tender procedure for construction works at six locations in four countries of the Western Balkans within the EU funding "sustainable rehabilitation of the cultural heritage of the area Western Balkans "consortium Građenje doo, East Sarajevo and Belgrade Archaeological Institute has been selected as the best bidder. Based on this selection a contract was signed between the RCC TFCS-Montenegro and Construction Ltd. as lead partner. The subject of the contract involves activities in four countries of the Western Balkans: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia and Serbia. Locations that are treated are: The summer residence of King Alexander - Han Pijesak, Hellenistic city Doarson  -Stolac, Fortress Kosmač - Budva, the former building of the French Embassy - Cetinje, Aqueduct - Skopje, Felix romuliana Gamzigrad - Zajecar.