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Business center Lukavica - Sarajevo East

Business Center project in Lukavica defines spatial unit in East New Sarajevo, located between the street of Srefan Nemanja, parking areas, Health center and existing residential - business facility, in a way to  form a new urban core. This was the main guidline and intention of the author, that the sum of facilities (existing and new), means the architectural elements, create a compact and functional urban complex. Since the subject site, in a broader sense, has no stronger place of gravity (attractive city center), that it is necessary to create and thus direct the future course of construction and development of urban centers in the municipality of Novo Sarajevo East. An elongated square is formed in front of the building, which is fluidly connected with the inner covered squares, which are formed on both sides between new planned annexes and the existing facilities. In the proces of architectural designing and shaping of the complex a mass of existing buildings has been used, and they were given a modern character by changing the materialization of the facade. Thus, segments of large surfaces are designed as an semistructural facade, while the surfaces between these segments are made of  combination of natural stone with a polished stone in the details. All facilities will be equipped, in addition to standard electro-instalations, with complete security and video surveillance, and installation required for computerization and networking. Also, the facilities will be equipped with other standard installations, plumbing and sewage, thermo technical installation (heating, ventilation and cooling), and installation of pipeline connections (gas).

Authors: Đorđe Ćeklić architect, Dubravka Ćeklić architect, Milica Miletić architect, Zoran Popić architect