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Domestic projects

Hotel Šator - Jahorina

Authors project contains a balanced and thoughtful relationship formally refreshed existing building and modern architectural elements of the newly built section, in a way that connects them sculpturaly in the unique architectural composition as a whole.

Layout design details clearly define the components of an imaginary object that its materialization fully understands and supports the environmental conditions of the location and the shape and functions of an exclusive building.

Method of processing details, facades, those materials, as well as the functional organization in the facility effectively supports modern architecture appropriate to specific mountain area. Clarity of architectural drawings and design of forms of building with clear connections of internal structure deserves special mention. Function and content organicly link the existing building with the new one, integrating the common links in the technological unit

content of organic link existing object with new, integrating the common links in the technological unit, while also opening the possibility of completing the freedom and discretion of individual autonomy in fulfilling the demands of modern tourism, and I wish to the Investor as soon as possible the realization of this project.

Extract from the assessment of the selection committee, architect Draško Petrović.