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Kastel - Banja Luka - Banja Luka

Project design is intended to discover potential of the site and its existing and new architecture as a unique aesthetic domain, as an emblem of individual companies, as a medium of collective self-consciousness symbolization, as a place of realization of sociability of the individual, as an artistic act and the public gesture, as a class institution, a place of dreams, longings, and forgetting, but also as a aspect of and braking everyday routine and overcoming the reality.

The function of newly designed space and reconstruction of Kastel, must be formed in a way of opening itself before meeting with the audience and receiving the ones retourning for the extension of the momentary pleasure even when the final courtain falls. The purpose of planning pedestrian zones in the coastal zone and the zone of square around the fortress Kastel is to improve the human enviroment. Such an environment which can be called human in the fullest meaning of the words, enables the satisfaction of human needs and promote their awareness of belonging to a certain place. It therefore stimulates a variety of human activities in this area, primarily walking, then various other forms of recreation, sightseeing fortress Kastel, sitting in a cafe and gallery, gathering, children's play. Here it becomes important to see and to be seen. The former includes the observation of perimeter buildings facades of and thus they become part of the open space that they form.

Vladimir Anđelković, architect, Dijana Adžemović, architect, Dragana Vasiljević Tomić, architect, Marko Dimitrijević, architect, Marija Pavlović architect, Zorica Savičić, architect, Bojan Tešić, student, with associates, Tatjana Karabegović, architect and Aleksandar Bogojević, all from  Belgrade in cooperation with the company „Gradjenje“ AD.