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Domestic projects

Kamengrad - Banja Luka

The designed project,  located in a rural environment next to the falls of the Vrbas river along with the existing cottages, water-mills and the bridge over the river is rather well fitted into the existing landscape creating a balanced picture in a way not to disturb the existing ambient.

Led by the beauty of the waterfalls seen in the area nearby, the author is using shaping, materialization and setting the building on the top of the hill to create the illusion that the building grew out of the hills, which is also supported the selection of natural materials on the façade as - stone, wood, shingles and the like.   

Functionally, the building is designed as an object with high tourism facilities and technical and technological installations and equipment for providing services in the category according to the norms envisaged in residential facilities.


Đorđe Ćeklić, architect, Dubravka Ćeklić, architect, Sreto Kuzmanović, civil ing..,  Dušanka Skoko civil ing., Branislav Živković, mechanical ing.