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Domestic projects

Administrative-business and cultural Centre - Pale

This  programme of the Centre is actually a project of the complex structure having  two prevailing  objects showing the Administration of the Municipality and Town and the Theatre. Other facilities are connected with the prevailing ones, contributing  to the riches of the space  and functional orchestration, creating in that way a centre of the public life of the town, some sort of  a modern “Forum”.

This idea is the one presenting conceptual outline of presented solution.

The second idea underlying the concept is the understanding and treatment of the center as a town house – palace, in formal-formative and typological sense, but also in terms of relying on the old tradition of European urban town house as a focus of democratic discourse. Considering contemporary moment that requires an optimal and sustainable resources of available space, time and energy, the third conceptual thread is rationality, flexibility and efficiency of the designed solution.

These ideas have determined the distribution of major functional groups, their internal structure and relations, typology and stratification of public space, as well as the forming solution.

Author: Vladislav T. Lalicki, architect