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System G-3

A / Philosophy (A reflection on the basic questions)
Facilities as subjects of works are the most often of the unique contents per their architectural and constructive solution, use, locations, the sort of Client, the form of financing, and other elements, and every single case is defined through an adequate and appropriate design. The design includes and defines all necessary phases, activities, and functions, which are commonly connected with a great number of different participants in the work. This creates the most effective form of the organization of relations and connections bringing them to a level of a capability to function on the basis of rules of a controlled inter-associated order - the System.

B./ Conception (A way of contemplation of certain phenomena)
The basic features of a systematic form of conducting of the investment projects are:
- Defining of the structure of the project.
- Specification of the scope of work
- Organization of the project
- Internal and external relations among participants
- Synchronization of phases and events within the project.

C/ Strategy (A skill)
- Conducting of time of accomplishing of the project
- Conducting of the quality of works of the project
- Conducting and control of the working costs
- Creation of a data base on accomplishing of the project for a faster and more accurate analyzing of possible alternative solutions, reflecting of an influence of other projects to the observed one, considering the technical, technological, organizational, time, and financial implications, what all together makes a base for an objective estimating of a state in monitoring and accomplishing of the project.